Redeemer Church

"Your Helping Hands"

"Sharing A Cup of Water"

Welcome to Redeemer Church
and Helping Hands Christian Learning Center!


We invite you to visit us.

You are welcome here!

We are people of God who give ourselves freely and joyfully to God, to one another and to others.

This community witnesses to a God who is active in the world.

We proclaim God's active love for all people:

poor and rich; people of all cultures, nationalities, abilities and races; women, men, children, younger, older, single, married, divorced, widowed, those of all lifestyles, those of various sexual orientation and sexual identity; blended families and single-parent households, … all are welcome here!

You are invited to meet this community that seeks to reflect God's open and loving embrace.          

Yes, all are welcome here!!

At Helping Hands Learning Center God is active in young lives every day...

We hope to be open again real soon.  If you have questions, please call


Redeemer Church, E.L.C.A.
OUR MISSION:  "Making Christ Known through our Helping Hands."
Sunday Worship:  10:00 a.m.
Lunch Follows:    11:15 a.m.





2727 W. Holmes Rd.

Lansing, Michigan 48911

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